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wedding is the ocassion comprising the most joyus and beautiful moments in one's life.we at pride events understand your need of yours to enjoy and cherish the precious moments of life . so we lend our helping hand in your support to manage the weddings without any setbacks. let it be a destination wedding we have got you covered and we will make arrangements to meet your needs.


birthdays have a special importance in oneself's life. we help you out with the arrangements that are needed and we ensure you spend your precious time with your loved ones and not with the arrangements that are to be made. As well as we are good with keeping secrets so surprise parties are not a thing you need to bother much about.

Co-operate parties

we would like to lend you a helping hand in organising a cooperate party having all the arrangements for the deligates and invitees as well as the VIPs and to maintain the class and standard of your esteemed organisation.

Get Togethers

get free from making arrangements for the family get together and friends instead spend the precious time amongst your loved ones and let all the arrangements to be made by us. we will ensure the hassle free and handy arrangements to be made for your party.


Want to make your Anniversary special? We know how important it is for you to make it special. Your partner deserves this special day to be perfect, and we will make sure of that. When you hire us, you will not have to worry about the planning, just worry about what you will give your partner as a gift.

Original ideas

We at pride events are determined to make your occasion a unique and memorable experience of your life. We every time come up with the unique and innovative ideas. We with our original and unique ideas provide you with a event full of positive memories.

Video Footages

We provide video recordings for events from a specialised and professional guys with the latest tech gears and attachments for the crystal clear recordings.

Photo Shoots

We have got professional shutterbugs who are dedicated to capture the beautiful moments of your life in a picture perfect frame.

photo albums

After your occasion gets over we would be there with the priceless memories saved digitally and even if you want an album we would be happy to provide you the selected photographs of your choice in a album.